Creating ombre Letter ‘V’ in processing

Hello! I’m tzuhsuan and today I’ll show you how to make an ombre letter “V” in Processing!

Step 1: Setting up your canvas:

size(400,400); // setting your canvas size 400px width and height

smooth(); // improving image quality

noStroke(); // setting no stroke on canvas

background(235,235,235); // setting background colour RGB


Next, define your integer you are introducing into Processing:

int xo=200; //x value for 0 point

int yo=250; //y value for 0 point

Step 2: Stacking upward triangles for left V:

for(int x=0;x<=7;x++){ //create 8 triangles

fill(200+x*2,200+x*2,200+x*2,100);  //to create the cool gradient effect

triangle(xo-10*x,yo-20*x,xo+10-10*x,yo+20-20*x,xo-10-10*x,yo+20-20*x); //Creating the army of triangles



Step 3: Stacking upward triangles for right V:

Same logic, but opposite equation to go into the positive direction

for(int x=0;x<=7;x++){


triangle(xo+10*x,yo-20*x,xo+10+10*x,yo+20-20*x,xo-10+10*x,yo+20-20*x); // creating the army of triangles but now in the opposite direction



And now you have a cool looking ombre V! 🙂 

*If you continue to use the same theory, you can create a cooler looking V!*



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