Mood music machines

Sam Stringleman’s MP3 Player Chooses Songs Based on Emotions

Published: Jul 26, 2011 • References:samstringleman and designbuzz
It seems that with all of the technology out there that is making daily activities more convenient as well as allowing us to stay in contact with loved ones easier, people are still craving an emotional connection that is slowly being met by tech companies around the world; enter Sam Stringleman’s MP3 player.The look of Sam Stringleman’s music player already shows that it is different. Instead of focusing on a futuristic aesthetic, it embraces a more artistic, sculptural presence that reflects its true nature. In fact, Sam Stringleman’s design invites users to experience it through touching it, which activates the emotional connection between the two. Sam Stringleman’s MP3 player senses the warmth of the user’s hand and plays a song based on that information.

Sam Stringleman’s design was inspired by the John Frusicante’s song ‘Dark/Light.’


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