Instructables|Using the Bone tool in Adobe Flash

Hi! Here’s my instructables on using the “Bone tool” on basic shapes in Adobe Flash.

The ‘Bone tool” can be used for animations such as the ‘hand waving’ animation as shown in the link below.


‘Light Form’ Interactive Landscape

The sculpture is ragged solid surface that reacts to touch using infra red sensing technology. The surface provides a visually geometric multi-touch aesthetic that is ultra modern.


The Cinimod Studio Tunnel Boasts Interactive Illumination

The colors and positioning of the lighting is determined by a moving installation within the tunnel. This piece reacts to visitors with the detection by thermal camera control. When each user passes through, the beams of light change and illuminate according to their movement. The light installation changes color patterns and positioning depending on the number of visitors in the tunnel.


The ‘Osmosis’ Installation

The installation generates visuals that are affected by each visitor’s movements. This multi-sensory art display is experienced as visitors enter a black room with a screen that reacts to create crystal visuals that are dependent on movement.



The Aquatic Colors

Japanese artist Takahito Matsuo ( creates fantastic, magically interactive worlds of light that incorporate a deep and mysterious hydro-aesthetic. Combining sound and light with computer graphics that are sensitive to participants’ movements, the artist orchestrates a submersive, tangible experience of technology. As his works highlight the delicate nuances of light and contrasting shadows, they seem to softly mimic a dreamlike world tucked away in virtual reveries and deep sea sojourns.


BluFit Bottle

“BluFit is the smart water bottle that helps you stay healthy by working with your phone to make sure you drink enough water. Studies show that nearly half of us are perpetually dehydrated leading to a variety of conditions, including decreased metabolism and brain activity.  BluFit solves this by determining how much water you need, how much you’ve drank and by alerting you when it’s time to hydrate. This method ensures that your body is always operating at its best.”