Big Data, Big Expectations

Does a culture of universal data exacerbate disparities?

According to cab drivers who have been fired from taxi app Uber because of bad reviews, universal data is unfair. Tech writer Om Malik describes this as the danger of “data Darwinism”. In a world where people’s livelihoods are increasingly dependent on peer rating systems, we need to guard against unfair selectivity. As Crawford observed, what if a whole data subset (read: group of people) goes unseen by the system?

With Big Data, the future will belong to those who can show depth. Whether in medical research, sport, or entertainment, the question we now face is how to personalise data to better serve humanity.

The shape-shifting future of the mobile phone

Fabian Hemmert: The shape-shifting future of the mobile phone- TedTalk

Fabian Hemmert demos one future of the mobile phone — a shape-shifting and weight-shifting handset that “displays” information nonvisually, offering a delightfully intuitive way to communicate. (Filmed at TEDxBerlin.)

Fabian Hemmert studies the theory and philosophy of embodiment, resistance and thinghood. Full bio »

Why Google Glass?

Sergey Brin: Why Google Glass? – TedTalk

It’s not a demo, more of a philosophical argument: Why did Sergey Brin and his team at Google want to build an eye-mounted camera/computer, codenamed Glass? Onstage at TED2013, Brin calls for a new way of seeing our relationship with our mobile computers — not hunched over a screen but meeting the world heads-up.

Sergey Brin is half of the team that founded Google. Now he’s leading the development of special projects like Google Glass.

Google vs. Death

How CEO Larry Page has transformed the search giant into a factory for moonshots. Our exclusive look at his boldest bet yet — to extend human life

Larry Page, 40, is the co-founder and CEO of one of the most successful, ubiquitous and increasingly strange companies on the planet. Google is, of course, in the search business, and, more important for its profitability, it is in the online-advertising business. But it’s also in the driverless-car business, the wearable-computing business, and the business of providing Internet access to remote areas via high-altitude balloons, among countless others…

Page prefers to refer to the search giant’s more…TIME: Can Google Solve Death

Cesar Millan Collapsible Dog Feeder


Designer As Entrepreneur: Erick Millan, Creative Director at Cesar Millan

With people now having fewer children and adopting more dogs, our canine companions are becoming the initial mediators in our living choices—but yet there is no real design interest in providing the right tools to fulfill a dog and educate the owners. Demand for dog products is overwhelming, but there is no aesthetic synergy between those products and their larger function in human habitation. Creative choices in this area need to re-focus on the conception and design of products with purpose. This lecture is an investigation and rethinking of how to design products for dogs, with a purpose, working in collaboration with Cesar Millan, The New York Times bestselling author and star of the television shows “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan” and “Leader of the Pack.”