MyNetDiary Diabetes Tracker App

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MyNetDiary Diabetes Tracker App includes:

#1 Food Database, Easy Food Tracking


Carb Tracking for Diabetes


Blood Glucose


Blood Glucose Ranges


Optional Insulin Tracking



Medication Tracking



More Trackers


Diabetes Reports



Weekly Reports



Diabetes Charts



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Taxi complains

The above is a web for Singaporeans to find information about taxis (even includes limos and wedding taxis, etc etc) and also a feedback place that allows people to share their experience.

there’s a section called:

Complains, Feedback and Lost & Found

If you wish to report a complaint against the service of a taxi driver or provide feedback, you may contact the customer service hotlines of the respective companies.

and there are actually A LOT of complains


SHA5706J – Dangerous driving

2 Aug 2013   Lenard | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

I Hav on this date notice that the above taxi filtering left or right without signaling. I hope you should get them to practise it as a habit. It also allow the vehicle for early response.


This eg. is a relatively short complain already, most complains are actually REALLY long and detailed.

Justifies the taxi app feature 🙂

Internet of Things (IoT) and the Smart Fridge

As product designers, we live in exciting times. We’re on the verge of another technological revolution that will change the way we live and interact with our surroundings. This technological revolution is called the Internet of Things (IoT).

The Internet of Things refers to uniquely identifiable objects or “things” that have a digital presence. There are two main categories of these objects: identified objects and connected devices. These objects or devices can be connected to one another (to create a digital ecosystem), as well as to the Internet. Hence, the name, Internet of Things.

To better understand how a future smart fridge might work, it’s important to distinguish between the categories of objects (the Things), and to explain their meaning.

So What’s a Smart Fridge to Do?

The core functionality of the smart fridge is to maintain, with minimum effort, an inventory list of perishable food items and their expiration dates.

This is where RFID technology and the Internet of Things starts to kick in. RFID technology will eventually replace the barcode, therefore any product that has a barcode today will have an RFID tag in the future. The smart fridge will have an RFID reader embedded in every shelf. This reader will scan for RFID tags every time the refrigerator door is opened and closed.

This technology is already available. Smart Cabinets or RFID Cabinets are used to keep track of high value products in a wide range of markets, including healthcare, medical device, biotechnology, and security. Smart Cabinet users first identify themselves with a personal key card card to open the door. Then they remove any item from the shelf. Information is captured in real-time so managers always know what they have in stock.

The article also talks clearly about Identified Objects (barcodes & RFID), the Connected devices and more about the Smart Fridge.
Read it at:



75 Fun Ways to Practice and Learn Spelling Words

Found this web where moms share with each other their secret formulas to educate kids. This is about practicing spelling words.

Picked out some of the ones that are more relatable to the group who’s doing the Kinect! Kind of justifies your game and you can see how else you can improve it!

Writing & Fine Motor Practice

1. Play Dough Words – use play dough to form letters to spell out each word.

10.  Rainbow Words – spell words using different colored markers or crayons for each letter.

12. Trace – have fun and let kids trace their words on your back or palm. Have them focus on properly forming each letter so you can feel it being drawn.

15. Trace in the Air – watch as children trace the letters in the air to spell each word.

30. Hidden Spelling Words – on a white piece of paper let your child write out the spelling words using a white crayon. Once all words have been written use watercolors and paint to make hidden words appear.

37. Other Hand – if you are right handed write your words using your left hand, if you are left handed write words using your right hand.

Oral Practice

52. Sing – Use whatever song or beat you like but a simple B-I-N-G-O like song & some clapping works wonders especially on that first day of practicing words. It really helps kids begin to remember those words.

54. Partner Spell – take turns adding a letter to spell each word. For example, for the word FUN – child starts by saying the letter F, parents adds letter U and child then completes word by adding the letter N. This requires focus and listening and is a great exercise for elementary aged learners.

Gross Motor Practice

66. Jumpin’ Jack – do jumping jacks as you spell words – 1 jump per letter

Games and Online Fun

74. Spelling BINGO – Make or print a few blank BINGO cards to use with spelling practice. Kids love to play BINGO. Write spelling words in boxes and randomly call out (or use flashcards) words. Child should cover appropriate words when called. To make things extra challenging, write words spelled incorrectly in a few spaces as well so child has to discriminate between the correctly spelled words and the incorrect ones.

Picky Eating – what NOT to do

What not to do

Don’t force your child to eat. Pressuring will only backfire and make meals unpleasant for everyone. You’ll also be teaching him to ignore his internal signals for hunger and fullness, which can lead to overeating later on.

Don’t use dessert as a bribe. It may work in the short-term, but eventually your child will start hating the food you’re asking her to eat because she’ll view it as a punishment. Better to let her have a little dessert no matter what she eats at dinner. It’ll help her learn that sweets can be a small part of a healthy diet.


To see more about what TO do, visit :, Guide to Picking Eating

Educational Wii Games for Children – What’s important to attract kids

Nintendo Wii Family of Games

The Nintendo Wii features a line of interactive video games that teach kids all sorts of things from musical instruments and dancing to identifying animals, learning math and even learning how to spell. There are word games and games that are intended to help children build problem solving skills. The great part about these games is that the kids are active while playing and this does a lot to help eliminate the issue of sitting idly and playing video games for hours.

My Word Coach
Learning new words + spelling. It uses a number of interactive activities such as spray painting in whatever letters appear to be missing and also choosing the correct definitions to go with each word.

Mahjong + Scrabble. Up to 4 players. For kids who enjoy competitive games then this game will offer that along with the same mental exercises other puzzle games offer. Parents love this game as it teaches logical progression, problem solving and creative thinking. In addition, new words are discovered with just about every game.

Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree
Academic version of the Wii Fit Plus game. Can be improved through practice and time played. Up to 8 players. Teaches children how to use determination and fast thinking as well as diligence in order to improve their rankings.

Endless Ocean
Educates about Marine life. Use the Wii to swim around a make believe island called Manoa Lai to check out a variety of underwater zones and examine different species of marine life. no element of danger, not even when a shark encounter takes place.

JumpStart Pet Rescue
Most kids love the idea of pet rescue and are drawn to television shows like animal cops and the like. This game allows children to care for stray or abandon pets. Kids can do a variety of things like change their appearance, decorate their homes, change outfits, feed and groom their pets and even win story books and earn a series of rewards.

Most parents whose children play Wii educational games regularly find themselves pleased with the results.  The Wii allows children to move and exercise while they play and that in itself is a wonderful feature.