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Food freshness scanner


The I Fresh is a food scanner equipped with a camera that captures the barcode on the food packaging, just before you store it in the fridge or cupboard. It hooks up to the fridge like a fridge magnet and can store data like the date of purchase. The idea behind the device is to make sure you consume fresh food and don’t eat the spoilt.


This is how it works:

  • After scanning, the user types in the number of days until the food expires on the micro screen.
  • I Fresh will remind the user to check the food in the fridge via light and voice.
  • A green interface indicates that the food is still of optimal nutritional value. When the interface turns orange, it indicates that the expiry date is drawing near.

Water Pebble: your little water saver

Water Pebble is a device that monitors water going down the plug hole when you shower.  Memorising your first shower and using it as a benchmark, Waterpebble then indicates, via a series of ‘traffic lights’ flashing gently from green through to red, when to finish showering.  Each time you shower Waterpebble automatically fractionally reduces your shower time helping you to save water without needing to think about it.

Self Charging Electric Bike Wheel

Meet the FlyKly Smart Wheel. This new device—which comes in eight different colors—looks like any other rear wheel, except that it has a monster-sized hub stuffed full of electronics. Those guts include a small engine that can zoom you along at a top speed of 20-miles-per-hour for up to 30 miles without pedaling using energy harvested from the turning of your wheels. They also include a small computer with GPS capabilities that tracks your ride and can offer suggestions for better routes with the help of a smartphone app (for either iOS or Android). That app is easily accessible with the accompanying Smart Light, a light that serves as a mount for your phone as well as a charger.

Stir kinetic desk keeps you fit throughout the day

Stir Kinetic Desk is a beautiful desk to look at and literally moves you to keep you fit and energized throughout your day. You can go from a seated to a standing position simply with a double tap on the touch screen control menu. When you work, usually you sit on your desk for hours without moving, remember, a bit of movements can increase your health and productivity, even better if you can do a quick walk or stretch.

This desk has custom software that adapts to your work style, it tracks when you arrive, your standing time, and extra calories burned. You can use Whisperbreath feature to gently raise the desk up or lower it down, it’s a smart reminder for you to breathe for awhile and change things up.

Reference: http://www.stirworks.com/