Human Jukebox

The owner of the company ‘Pause’ (otherwise known as the human jukebox) decided to stretch the boundaries of publicity stunts to prove that his company had the world’s best sound systems. By swallowing a small music player and broadcasting sounds from the gut, the CEO managed to rise his company’s status astronomically. 

A majority of the success of this stunt came from the amount of press coverage Pause received when letting journalists now what the CEO was up to. When it was time for the small gadget to be swallowed, thousands of people were watching and could even send requests for the organizers to play certain songs. After hooking up a digital stethoscope, people from around the world could here the exact song being played inside the CEO’s stomach. Hence, the human jukebox was formed and Pause gained worldwide attention.


Here’s a record player that was hacked to translate a tree’s rings into music

If you’re a fan of experimental technologyArduino hacking or post-modern music, this project is going to make you smile. Years is a piece by Bartholomäus Traubeck, and it consists of a record player that plays slices of wood. Yep, you read that right.

As you probably know, you can estimate how old a tree is by counting the rings across its trunk. This record player reads that “ring data” and translates it into music. More specifically, the tree’s year rings are analyzed for strength, thickness and growth rate. All of these details affect the final sound.

As you’ll see in the video below, Years utilizes a wooden disk created out of a finely sliced tree trunk. It is similar in thickness and shape to a traditional record. And instead of the typical needle you’d find on most record players, it’s been replaced by a hacked PS Eye Camera.

The resulting music is eerie and a bit whimsical. There’s a definite pattern present, and cracks or knots in the wood yield a particularly disruptive response.

Mood music machines

Sam Stringleman’s MP3 Player Chooses Songs Based on Emotions

Published: Jul 26, 2011 • References:samstringleman and designbuzz
It seems that with all of the technology out there that is making daily activities more convenient as well as allowing us to stay in contact with loved ones easier, people are still craving an emotional connection that is slowly being met by tech companies around the world; enter Sam Stringleman’s MP3 player.The look of Sam Stringleman’s music player already shows that it is different. Instead of focusing on a futuristic aesthetic, it embraces a more artistic, sculptural presence that reflects its true nature. In fact, Sam Stringleman’s design invites users to experience it through touching it, which activates the emotional connection between the two. Sam Stringleman’s MP3 player senses the warmth of the user’s hand and plays a song based on that information.

Sam Stringleman’s design was inspired by the John Frusicante’s song ‘Dark/Light.’

Food freshness scanner

The I Fresh is a food scanner equipped with a camera that captures the barcode on the food packaging, just before you store it in the fridge or cupboard. It hooks up to the fridge like a fridge magnet and can store data like the date of purchase. The idea behind the device is to make sure you consume fresh food and don’t eat the spoilt.


This is how it works:

  • After scanning, the user types in the number of days until the food expires on the micro screen.
  • I Fresh will remind the user to check the food in the fridge via light and voice.
  • A green interface indicates that the food is still of optimal nutritional value. When the interface turns orange, it indicates that the expiry date is drawing near.