Digital Wellness | Mood and Music

The relationship between music and mood in the future.

We know that music can affect our mood but what happens if our mood affects the music around us…

Concept 1: Playing music without instruments.

We are able to play the guitar anywhere and anytime but what about bulky instruments like the piano? In this concept, the rings act as sensors with the black ring set as the middle C of a piano. The rings are then connected to the earpiece via bluetooth. This allows the user to play the piano and compose when creativity strikes!

Concept 2: A playlist that understands and connects with you.

Have you ever encountered the haste of scrolling through your playlist for tracks that you felt like listening? In this concept, the wireless earpiece that connects to your media player via bluetooth also acts as a mood sensor (from the pulse point on the neck). Aesthetics-wise, it looks like a temporary tattoo on your neck and earlobe. The playlist changes according to your mood, what you are feeling at that point of time.

Kelly, Felicia & Christabel