Taxi complains

The above is a web for Singaporeans to find information about taxis (even includes limos and wedding taxis, etc etc) and also a feedback place that allows people to share their experience.

there’s a section called:

Complains, Feedback and Lost & Found

If you wish to report a complaint against the service of a taxi driver or provide feedback, you may contact the customer service hotlines of the respective companies.

and there are actually A LOT of complains


SHA5706J – Dangerous driving

2 Aug 2013   Lenard | Taxi Company: SMRT Taxis

I Hav on this date notice that the above taxi filtering left or right without signaling. I hope you should get them to practise it as a habit. It also allow the vehicle for early response.


This eg. is a relatively short complain already, most complains are actually REALLY long and detailed.

Justifies the taxi app feature 🙂