Murmur, the family of interactive cushions


“With an aim of exploring the intersection between work and play, The University of Tampere’s Game Research Laboratory created MurMur: five individual cushioned seats fashioned out of IKEA products with five distinct personalities. Mur is grumpy, wise but easily frustrated. Mus is goofy, always happy and social. Muh is a mellow daydreamer lost in thought, while Mut is sensitive and easily frightened. Mum is the shy one, silent and modest but always kind and friendly.

When they get bored, they’ll begin talking to each other, maybe send a tweet, and then drift off to sleep, each dreaming in a theme corresponding to its personality — Mum, for example, dreams of blue oceans and waves. They contain a number of sensors to track sound and movement, along with a wi-fi connection to access social media.”


Big Data, Big Expectations

Does a culture of universal data exacerbate disparities?

According to cab drivers who have been fired from taxi app Uber because of bad reviews, universal data is unfair. Tech writer Om Malik describes this as the danger of “data Darwinism”. In a world where people’s livelihoods are increasingly dependent on peer rating systems, we need to guard against unfair selectivity. As Crawford observed, what if a whole data subset (read: group of people) goes unseen by the system?

With Big Data, the future will belong to those who can show depth. Whether in medical research, sport, or entertainment, the question we now face is how to personalise data to better serve humanity.



AutoAide is a plug and play device for your car that couples with a free iOS or Android app to offer vehicle diagnostics, best-in-class navigation and parking support.

AutoAide allows your iOS or Android device to talk directly to your car’s on-board system and features an integrated GPS system, accelerometer and parking/driving status sensor.