dePENd is a novel interactive system that assists sketching using regular pens and paper. Our system utilizes the ferromagnetic feature of the metal tip of a regular ballpoint pen. The computer controlling the X and Y positions of the magnet under the surface of the table provides entirely new drawing experiences. Haptic guides using regular tools are expected for rising drawing skills for users. For example, users can draw diagrams and pictures, add an arrangement, use a communication function and copy and re-draw function.

Blow Painting

Blow Painting is a novel play interaction that enables children to blow at a toy windmill to create collage paintings of leaves on a digital canvas. The windmill is embedded with a microphone (to detect the blowing action) and a rotation sensor (to detect the blowing direction). Four kinds of leaves (Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Hickory and White Oak) are embedded inside transparent RFID sheets that can be placed under the windmill to provide different leaf “stencils” for the Blow Paining game.

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Slignshot project – shoot the graffiti up to the air

SMSlingshot is an urban intervention device that allows one to write messages and shoot them to a media facade, the kind of screens in the urban environment that are predominantly used for advertisement.

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